Shandong Huahai Group Co., Ltd
HUAHAI Group is a comprehensive enterprise integrating construction of architecture, steel structure, prefabricated building, smart agriculture sightseeing glass ceiling, the production and installation of electrical tower and communicative tower, the development of real estate, overseas project contracting, international trade and other industries, which have the capacity of comprehensive construction and development with an annual output value of RMB 3 billion and the area of construction with 3 million m2. HUAHAI Group is located in the beautiful“Solar City”Dezhou, Shandong Province, which was established in 2006, covering a total area of more than 280,000 m2, the registered capital of RMB 300 million and the total assets amounted to more than RMB 1 billion.
Shandong GREEN-BUILDING Group Co., Ltd., Shandong HUAKE Iron Tower Co., Ltd, Dezhou HUAMEI Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Dezhou HUATIAN Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd and other 15 subsidiary & branch companies. Shandong HUAHAI Group Co., Ltd has the 2nd class qualification of housing construction general contracting, 1st class of steel structure professional contracting, 2nd class of curtain wall professional contracting, 2nd class of fire protection facilities engineering professional contracting, 2nd class of architectural decoration professional contracting. Green-building Industrial Park is under construction of Shandong Green-building Group Co., Ltd., focused on Innovation, Energy Conservation, Green, Environmental Protection, Low-Carbon. It will be the biggest national green-building industrial base in north of China, national prefabricated building industrial base, national industrial tourism demonstration garden. The total planning area is 700,000 m2, divided into 3 parts, total investment is more RMB 2 billion. The main products cover PC products, prefabricated steel structure, other matching accessories. Shangdong HUAKE Iron Tower Co., Ltd is a specialized company of the production and installation of 500 KV and 220 KV voltage level of transmission line angle steel tower, steel tube tower, transformer substation framework, communication tower, broadcast television tower and other products.
HUAHAI Group is a general contracting enterprise of the scale, industrialization and specialization, having solid assets, high-quality professional engineers and strong constructions including industry, public infrastructure, residence, municipal, street, bridge, electricity and communication facility, providing numerous high-quality products and creating a safety, comfortable living environment to the society. The Group created a number of Engineering Quality Awards of China and Shandong Province, which was awarded the national advanced construction enterprises, the national contract and trustworthy enterprises. HUAHAI Group has building construction, real estate development, installation engineering, decoration project, curtain wall engineering, steel structure engineering, prefabricated building production and erection, smart agriculture sightseeing glass ceiling construction, street and bridge construction, the production and installation of tower, equipment leasing, international trade, building materials production, architectural design and other industries, formed a relatively complete industrial chain, is a enterprise full of vitality, vibrant and modern.
Since its inception, HUAHAI Group always holds the development philosophy of human-oriented and continuous refinement, adheres to the development road of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing. After decade of wind and rain, HUAHAI Group made friends with virtues and based on markets with credits, which gave HUAHAI Group a firm belief of constantly surpass and overcome difficulties. With the constant development of business and the rapid increase of management level, HUAHAI Group adopted the certification of ISO9001 standard quality system, ISO14001 environment management system, OHSAS1800 occupational healthy and safety management system. The successful establishment of a complete set of scientific planning management system and information system has laid a firm foundation for the rapid development of the Group. Insisting on the general development goal of Shining China and the World with Great Honor, HUAHAI Group is willing to pursue pioneering and innovation hand in hand with friends from all over the world, and jointly to create a brighter, happier and more wonderful future!
development path

On September 28, 2006, Shandong Huahai Group Co., Ltd. was formally established;

Business scope: housing construction engineering construction, steel structure engineering construction, fire-fighting facility engineering construction, building curtain wall engineering construction, building decoration engineering construction, municipal public engineering construction, metal door and window engineering construction; Steel structure sales, installation and after-sales service; steel, building materials sales; goods and technology import and export operations; machinery and equipment leasing, house leasing; construction engineering design and consulting services, project management consulting services.

In 2009, invested in Dezhou Huamei Science and Technology Innovation Park Co., Ltd.

Business scope: construction, operation, management, and maintenance of science and technology innovation parks and headquarters economic parks; research and development, construction, operation, and maintenance of Internet production service platforms; intelligent building system integration services; technology research and development in the fields of new materials, new energy, and medicine Technical consulting, technical promotion, technical services; goods and technology import and export business; entrepreneurial guidance services; entrepreneurial space services; property management; house leasing; corporate headquarters management.

In 2010, invested in Shandong Huake Iron Tower Co., Ltd.

Business scope: iron tower production and sales; steel structure processing, sales, installation and after-sales service; goods and technology import and export operations; steel and building materials sales

Invested in Dezhou Huatian Construction Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Business scope: construction machinery leasing, construction equipment leasing

In 2017, Shandong Huahai Group Co., Ltd. Qingyun Branch was established

Invest in Shandong Lvzhu Group Co., Ltd.

Business scope: foreign investment with self-owned funds; equity investment, debt investment, short-term financial investment, investment consulting services for real economy projects within the approved area; marketing planning; corporate management; ecological and biological environmental protection development, services, and transfers , Consulting; enterprise management consulting; market research.

In 2018, invested in Shandong Sany Green Building Engineering Co., Ltd.

Business scope: EPC project general contracting; real estate development and operation; commercial housing sales; self-owned housing leasing; property management; greening engineering construction services; housing construction engineering; steel structure engineering design and construction; prefabricated building research and development, design, and construction; R&D, design, and construction of underground pipe gallery; PC component design, production, sales; commercial concrete, building materials, jade material sales; ordinary freight ready-mixed mortar, asphalt concrete preparation and sales; fire-fighting facilities engineering, decoration engineering, municipal engineering, energy-saving doors and windows , Curtain wall engineering construction; prefabricated houses, passive houses, energy-saving doors and windows, energy-saving building materials, CL energy-saving and thermal insulation integrated panels, energy-saving glass research and development, design, production, logistics, transportation, and installation. Import and export of goods and technology

In 2020, Fuxin Branch of Shandong Huahai Group Co., Ltd. was established

Investment in Huahai (Fuxin) Construction Co., Ltd.

Business scope: general contracting of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects, various engineering construction activities, construction engineering design, engineering management services

Invest in Meijian (Shandong) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Business scope: production of first-class medical devices; sales of first-class medical devices; sales of second-class medical devices; production of special labor protection products; sales of special labor protection products; retail of medical masks; sales of plastic products; sales of labor protection products; hygiene Sales of supplies and disposable medical supplies; sales of special equipment for environmental protection; environmental consulting services; housing leasing; non-residential real estate leasing; Internet sales (except for the sale of commodities that require a license); daily chemical product manufacturing; daily chemical product sales; Retail of protective equipment for medical staff; textile processing of fabrics; sales of disinfectants (excluding hazardous chemicals) licensing items: production of second-class medical equipment; production of medical masks; import and export of goods; import and export of technology; disinfection products for the prevention and control of infectious diseases Production; production of sanitary products and disposable medical products; production of protective equipment for medical staff (Class II medical devices)

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