The thorny problems in steel structure workshop construction project

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Although quality problems are easily appeared in production process, but It is quite convenient to deal with.

The lofting material process of steel structure workshop project is the most important part before component processing. Its quality has a direct impact on the next process, even lead to all parts scrap, this is a common occurrence. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to strengthen the quality control of the process.

The quality problems of this process are mainly manifested in: For the long and thin plate type parts, they are serious deformation when cutting; the parts exceed the standard casued by shrinkage deformation of subsequent process is not taken into consider by gas cutting or sawing cutting; because the cutting gas or there is slag inside the plate uneven distribution, which led to Horse tooth pattern、Burrknots、cutting mark depth exceeded the standard.

The coating process is belongs to concealed work in steel structure workshop project, and also Prone to quality problems. Its influence to structure is less than than that of the building function. The quality of the process is mainly manifested in: The film on the component surface Large area shedding and local shedding, the shedding leads to phenomenon of flow hanging, The thickness of the film is not enough, the film thickness is uneven, and the color of the film is larger.

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