The achieving effect when designing steel structurer workshop

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In the end , steel structure workshop is service for production, so its combination must closely related to the internal characteristics .Ups and downs of production process, strewn at random discretion,made the buliding form a variety of size combination,Not only enriched the steel structure building modeling but also reflect the intel characteristics.Steel structure of high technological requirements are higher,and asked for a low place is short,combined with these characteristics ,formed a buliding group at a random discretion.Before the offical to build a steel structure plant,we need to design it and drew in the paper.Generally speaking,when designing the steel structurer plant project,can achieve what kind of effect?

Engineering drawings design for steel structure plant, size combination on the basis of meeting the production requirements, should also use the general rule of architectural composition, organization and the surrounding environment photograph humorous buildings.Combination of space, in a focused, emphasized at the same time, in the center of the building shape should be concise, make changes are unified, there is change in unity, make our industrial building is more artistic features.Metope processing was conducted on the basis of the size to determine, it mainly reflects on the facade of the building.Metope colour with doors and Windows, such as the size, location, scale and combination form directly influence industrial building elevation effects.

Different steel structure workshop project has different requirements on lighting and ventilation, the form of window size, directly affects the building facade.Some lighting to demand higher plant should be more open the window, open a large window;While others require air conditioning airtight workshop, require less as far as possible open the window, open a small window.Apparently, their facade treatment must be different.Some open and bright, the window is more;Some are less window, wall is more, need certain processing, can obtain good effect.For different steel structure factory building structure form of building facade has a great influence.


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