A subway in Boston which has centery history will be build by China, What will Americans think this?

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Local time on September 3rd,China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation(CRRC),the assembly plant in Massachusetts Springfield officially started. This "ChunTian" America town, named by Chinese is small, But it has the indissoluble bound with China for centry years.Here is the destination for first Late Qing Dynasty children studing abroad,Zhan Tianyou was admitted to Yale University from here, then achieved China Railway miracle.

Boston railway has a very long history, a few years earlier than the famous New York railway.It was named with red, green and blue.But as time flies,many weckers which age are over 30, 40 years bring all kinds of troubles to local residents, delay fault events are often seen,

Although America has a very long history of the railway, but it doesn't produce railway cars.Therefore the Massachusetts Tranffic Management Bureau was painstakingly in order to get high quality and inexpensive equipments.From 2010, they Conduct bidding in over the world.CRRC beated the opponent during years marathon race competition, and finally in the end of 2014, got a $566 million conytact for two orange lines total 284 subway.

This contract is not the export of Chinese made products in the traditional sense, but the export of technology and management.

Due to use of state fund,restricted by《Buy Ameican act》, the spare parts muct be manufactured in American.CRRC invested 60 million dollar, hire 150 native worker to set up assembly plant,and the same time,CRRC need to purchase spare parts frm native manufacture. Hence,the future station will be standard America good with a "Chinese heart".

Boston public opinion, this is a victory for the Americans.because $566 million is much lower than other Opponents(south Korea Hyundai Rotem $720 million、Cannada Bombardier $108 million and Janpan Kawasaki $950 million).So, the tickets price is not expected to raise because the transaction price is no more than the government budget.  

Massachusetts traffic Control Bureau indicated when reject the protest of three company who failed the bidding,CRRC wined the bidding through Fair and rigorous procedure,"it is beneficial for local development by buying high quality and cheap price goods, local government will support CRRC."

CRRC will train 150 skilled workers for Springfield.Analysts said,if CEEC win the metro cars bidding in other parts of America, the talent and experience of this plant will continue to drive the local ecnomy and employment.

With the prlject start construction, local Americans common care two things: the first one is if local government procrastination style will delay people take the new orange line in 2018 and the new red sample in the following year.And the secone one is after look at the diagrammatic sketch provided by CRRC,people all wish when the Vehicle arrival, could CRRC try to build the old platform into the fashion one just as the picture.

Anyway,this is "made in China" from politician to ordinary Americans, high quality and cheap price with added value,Perhaps it could be a good beginning to change the image of "made in China" in the United states.

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