The diffierence between heavy and light steel

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There are no unified standard to judge that the structure was heavy steel or light ones.even many experienced designner or project manager  can't fully understand.,but we could make comprehensive consideration and judgement according to some data.

High rise steel structure 1, workshop crane lifting weight: greater than or equal to 25 tons, can be thought as heavy steel structure.

2, per square meter: greater than or equal to 50 kg / ㎡, can be regarded as heavy steel structure.

3, the main components steel plate thickness :steel plate thickness is greater or equal to 10 mm ,light steel structure is less use.

In addition, there are some reference value, such as the cost of per square meter, the biggest component weight, maximum span, structure form, the eaves higher, these when determining if a plant for sintering or light steel can provide empirical data, of course, many buildings are light and sintering.But there are some we can sure, sintering, such as: petrochemical facilities, power plant, large span stadium, exhibition center, top or high-rise steel structure.

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