Shandong Province's construction industry to deepen reform to take the lead


        Recently, in order to speed up the reform and development of the construction industry in Shandong Province, Shandong Province issued the Implementation Opinion on the Implementation of Document No. 19 of the State Administration to Promote the Reform and Development of the Construction Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinion). "Implementation Opinions" from the support of the industry bigger and stronger, optimize the development environment, improve the construction organization model, improve the quality and safety level and strengthen the support of scientific and technological personnel, and so on, put forward a broad push to promote the reform and development of the construction industry specific views, objectives, has been the keen attention of all walks of life.

       Commentary: The release of the Implementation Opinion has attracted attention from all walks of life, mainly because it puts forward a series of "breaking the world" reform measures in view of the many problems facing the industry.

       Relax the enterprise qualification management policy. The Implementation Opinion proposes to "relax the scope of contract business, to have relevant professional and technical capabilities, can provide full guarantee, credit good housing construction, municipal enterprises, allowing them to undertake the qualification category within the scope of the next level of qualification projects", reflecting the industry "dilute enterprise qualifications", strengthen capacity-building reform of the general direction.

       Fully liberalize the construction market. Breaking down local protectionist barriers and stipulating that "enterprises can contract business in the province after registering with the integrated platform of supervision and integrity information in the construction market in Shandong Province" is of great significance for strengthening exchanges with construction enterprises everywhere and promoting local construction enterprises to "go global".

       Cancel the qualification of construction services, and vigorously develop professional enterprises such as carpentry, hydropower, masonry and rebar production. This reform measure is in line with the spirit of the current reform of the labor system in the construction industry.

       In addition, the Implementation Opinion clearly puts forward the constraints on the construction unit, including "if the quality and safety problems and losses are caused by the blind rush of schedule, rush schedule and other factors, the construction unit shall be held responsible and compensate for the loss by it", "where the contracting enterprise is required to provide performance guarantee, it must provide the project payment guarantee equally", "the construction unit shall not use the outstanding audit as a reason for deferring the settlement of the project and defaulting on the project payment".

       It can be said that if these reform measures can be carried forward smoothly, it will provide a powerful reference for the comprehensive reform of the industry.