Shandong over-completed the first half of the construction of governance tasks


        The Office of the Leading Group for Illegal Construction Governance Action in Shandong Province recently briefed on the work of the province's illegal construction governance. In the first half of this year, the province dismantled a total of 55.979 million square meters in accordance with the law, exceeding the annual governance tasks.

       It is understood that in the first half of Shandong Province, a total of 63.8899 million square meters of illegal construction, according to law to dismantle 55.979 million square meters, rectification of 791.09 million square meters. Among them, the stock and new illegal construction were 60.6002 million square meters and 3.2897 million square meters, respectively. The progress of each city has achieved more than half of the time, more than half of the annual governance tasks, the stock of illegal construction significantly reduced, illegal construction of new thorough containment. Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo, Dongying, Linyi, Luze governance accounted for more than 60% of the total, more than ahead of the completion of the annual governance tasks.

       According to the circular, the cities pay attention to land planning and utilization after demolition, the cumulative investment of 2,064 million yuan, increase the green space area of 6,068.5 million square meters, parking space 59,860, 1201 places of civic activities, freeing up construction land 210.586 million square meters, the people have a real sense of access. In the opinion polls conducted in Jinan and Weihai, the support rate reached 96.92 percent and 90.92 percent, respectively.

       In view of the current problems such as irregular management of demolition and construction sites, and the failure of some places to clear construction waste in time, it is clear that departmental coordination, innovative methods and methods, decomposition and governance tasks should be strengthened to ensure that this year's tasks are fully completed, and 60% of the total tasks of illegal construction and governance operations are completed. In the process of demolition of illegal construction, the relevant laws and regulations should be strictly enforced and the legal procedures strictly implemented. The implementation of law enforcement of the whole process of record, the whole process left marks. At the same time, to strengthen the construction of safe and civilized, dust and dust, to ensure that the demolition of safety, environmental protection. In addition, it is another step to strengthen the use of demolition. After the demolition of the illegal construction, we should follow up the removal of garbage simultaneously, so that it is clean. For land use after demolition, we should focus on the goal of the people, combined with the actual, according to local conditions, advance planning, synchronous planning. If the land for development and construction is included and cannot be developed in time, we should do a good job of temporary greening to avoid land nudity and dust. For the implementation of greening land, and urban landscaping planning integration. To use good positive publicity and negative exposure two ways, not only to pass the right energy, but also to let the "illegal nail household" ugly appearance.