Shandong has introduced a pilot scheme for the reform of the labor system in the construction industry


        Recently, Shandong Provincial Housing and Construction Office issued the "Shandong Province construction industry labor system reform pilot program", from New Year's Day 2018, Shandong Province to cancel the qualification of labor enterprises and their safety production license requirements.

       Shandong Province will adopt a variety of flexible construction labor methods, to give construction enterprises more employment options, engaged in housing construction and municipal projects of general contracting, construction general contracting and professional contracting enterprises, independent selection of the corresponding operating capacity and qualifications of the labor force or construction workers, can either sign labor contracts with labor enterprises, professional operating enterprises, or directly sign labor contracts with labor personnel to establish labor relations; , you can sign labor contracts with labor enterprises and professional operating enterprises, or you can sign labor contracts directly with general contracting, construction general contracting and professional contracting enterprises.

       Industry insiders told reporters that before, because the construction industry enterprises to work through the labor enterprises, and labor enterprises have a certain threshold of qualifications, on the "control" of construction workers, from their income "scratch a layer of skin." However, these labor enterprises, should perform training, rights and interests protection, social security and other responsibilities are mostly not implemented. Now, the abolition of the labor enterprise this level, is conducive to construction workers to raise income, protect rights and interests.  Without a labor enterprise, construction workers do not necessarily "a dish of loose sand". The Programme clearly defines the development of operations-oriented professional enterprises. By guiding the transformation of existing labor enterprises, encouraging professional contracting enterprises to do specialized fine, supporting the formation of small micro-enterprises or registered individual industrial and commercial households, to promote the development of a number of waterproof workers, masonry, concrete workers, reinforced labor, shelf workers, manual carpentry and assembly-type construction and other professional (work type) operations-based professional enterprises. With professional operation enterprises as the main carrier of construction workers, and gradually realize the corpomicization and professional management of construction workers.

       Compared with the previous labor enterprises, such a "professional operation enterprise" registration threshold is greatly reduced. Previously, to obtain the qualification of labor enterprises, need to meet the net assets of more than 2 million yuan, there are fixed business premises, after assessment or training qualified technical workers not less than 50 people and other conditions, and "professional operating enterprises" do not need these, as long as the registration conditions of small enterprises can go to work, but also enjoy the local "small enterprises" preferential development policies, enjoy special funds for skills training support.

       How do employers find these teams? The Program proposes that, after obtaining the industrial and commercial registration, professional operating enterprises may submit copies (copy) of their business licenses to the local county-level housing and construction departments to submit basic information on the main types of work and contacts they are engaged in;