Shandong comprehensively promotes construction projects to participate in work injury insurance


        Shandong Province Human Resources and Social Security Department and other 7 departments recently issued "Shandong Province to promote railway road water transport water conservancy and energy airport and other construction projects to participate in the work programme of work injury insurance." We will comprehensively promote the construction projects of transportation and other industries to participate in work injury insurance, and will include migrant workers who are employed in various types of construction projects in the protection of work injury insurance, and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of migrant workers at work.

       Project-by-project insurance is an effective way to solve the problem of migrant workers in construction and other fields with strong mobility and unable to participate in insurance according to employers. From the provincial People's Social Affairs Office learned that by the end of last year, Shandong Province construction construction projects and construction projects migrant workers all realize project-by-project insurance. This year, project-by-project insurance will be implemented to transportation and other industries, by the end of 2018, the establishment of "first insurance, then start" working mechanism, to achieve transportation and other industries project construction projects all according to the project to participate in work-related injury insurance, to ensure that migrant workers in the construction projects enjoy the rights and interests of work-related injuries in accordance with the law.

       The plan clearly states that workers and workers of railway, highway and other industries in the administrative area of the province who are relatively fixed shall participate in work injury insurance according to the employer. Employees who are unable to participate in work injury insurance according to the employer, especially migrant workers who are short-term employees, shall take part in work injury insurance as a priority according to the project, and the construction project general contractor or the contract contractor in the target paragraph of the project shall pay the work injury insurance premium of the project in one lump sum. Ensure that work injury insurance covers all employees used in the project, including migrant workers used by professional contracting units and labor subcontracting units. Where the insurance is insured according to the project, the work injury insurance shall be participated in the place where the construction project is located, and if the project involves multiple areas, the work injury insurance may be participated in the area where the construction project has a large amount of construction work.

       Strict "first insurance before starting" policy. In accordance with the principle of "who approves and who is responsible", all types of construction projects shall submit to the competent departments of the industry or regulatory departments the certificate of participation in work injury insurance for the general contracting unit or the contracting unit of the target segment of the project, as one of the specific measures to ensure the safe construction of the project. Projects and target sections that do not participate in work injury insurance, the competent departments and regulatory departments should promptly supervise and rectify, immediately make up the procedures for participating in work injury insurance, put an end to the phenomenon of "uninsured, start work first" or even "only construction, not insurance".

       The plan requires that the competent departments and regulatory departments of the industry at all levels shall incorporate the participation of the construction project general contracting unit or the contract contractor in the target segment of the project into the enterprise credit appraisal system, and if the accident of the uninsured project results in significant loss of life and property, the engineering liability unit shall be obliged to rectify within a specified period of time and, if necessary, initiate an accountability procedure for the general contracting unit or the contracting unit in the target segment.

       The program requires that the local human resources and social security departments should optimize the service process, and strive to achieve the insurance contributions on the day of filing. For work-related injury cases that occur on the site, the facts are clear and the parties are not in dispute, the decision on work-related injury determination shall generally be made within 10 days. The establishment of a green channel for the payment of workers' work-related injuries, simplification of procedures, priority processing, should generally be completed within 15 days, and maximize the implementation of social distribution. The general contracting unit of the construction project or the contracting unit for the target segment of the project shall, during the construction period, urge the professional contracting unit and the labor subcontractor to establish accounts such as the roster of employees, attendance records, salary distribution forms, etc., and implement dynamic real-name management for all construction personnel. After the construction worker has been injured at work, the labor relationship shall be confirmed on the basis of the labor contract, and the de facto labor relationship shall be confirmed by reference to the wage payment voucher or record, work permit and other evidence for those who have not signed the labor contract. Where an industrial injury occurs during the construction period and the work injury determination or labor ability appraisal has not been completed by the time the project is completed, the construction enterprise shall ensure the statutory treatment during the period of medical treatment and suspension of work for the workers at work, and the workers at work shall enjoy all the work injury insurance benefits according to law after completing the work injury identification and appraisal.