Shandong optimized construction drawings to review low-risk projects exempt from inspection of private capital


        The Office of the Special Group for the Reform of the Approval System for Optimizing and Upgrading Construction Projects in Shandong Province recently issued the Guidance on The Review of Construction Drawings for Simple Low-Risk Construction Projects of Social Investment (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines"), and from September 1st, the Construction Plan For Simple Low-Risk Construction Projects of Social Investment will be informed of the commitment to replace the construction drawing review, further reduce the approval time, and strengthen the supervision after the event to ensure the quality of construction engineering survey and design.

       The Guidance, in accordance with the implementation opinions on further optimizing the business environment and better service market subjects issued by the General Office of the State Council, requires that the reform of the approval system of engineering construction projects be promoted from a small incision, the classification management of construction projects shall be implemented, the review of construction drawings for simple low-risk construction projects of simple social investment shall be cancelled, and construction permits shall be available for processing. The construction unit shall, in the form of informing the commitment when the construction is submitted, submit the commitment letter of the construction drawing in line with the public interest, public safety and the mandatory standard of the construction project, and upload the construction drawing to the construction drawing information management system, so that the construction permit procedures can be carried out. Housing and urban and rural construction departments in the construction units for construction permits, pre-construction organization preparation and foundation pit excavation period, through the government purchase services entrusted to third-party institutions, the quality of construction drawings 100% spot checks, and standardize the contents of spot checks, procedures and time limits, strengthen quality supervision in the matter. Strictly after-the-fact violations of the law and violations of the investigation and punishment, clear the main responsibility of the parties involved in the construction, in accordance with the law serious investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations and violations of commitments.

       One year after the implementation of the Guidance, the proportion of spot checks is reduced for construction units and survey design units with high survey design quality, good spot checks and high credit evaluation rating.