Shandong highlights the focus of work to build a safe production line


        Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department recently held a video conference, requiring housing and urban and rural construction departments at all levels must deeply understand the current serious situation of safe production, the standard of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions on safe production work spirit and provincial committees, provincial government work requirements, with a high degree of responsibility for the people's lives and property attitude, a deep understanding of the extreme importance of safe production work, and effectively put the work of safe production firmly on the shoulders, grasp hands, implement in action, To ensure that the situation of safe production in the field of housing and urban and rural construction remains stable.

         The meeting stressed the need to highlight the focus of work and further build a solid line of defense for safe production. First, strengthen the inspection and rectification. Focus on construction, agricultural housing safety, municipal operations, urban gas, urban parks, property management and other key industry areas, comprehensive inspection and rectification of all kinds of safety hazards. Resolutely crack down on subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, hanging on to and other illegal acts, the vulnerable group of death and injury of dangerous projects and other key risks to carry out troubleshooting and rectification, strictly do a good job in the construction site safety control work, and crack down on irregularities, fraud and other acts. The second is to strengthen source governance. Follow the principle of defense in depth, establish and improve the safety risk classification control and hidden dangers detection and control mechanism, strictly standardization of safety production assessment, further promote the construction of safe production liability insurance, strengthen information technology support, improve the long-term mechanism of safe production. Third, strengthen strict control of heavy penalties. In accordance with the law to deal with larger accidents, fully carry out the safety accident handling punishment "look back" to ensure that the closure of the case, punishment in place, deterrence in place. Establish and improve the long-term mechanism of discipline, and implement management methods such as top-level treatment punishment, publicity of high-risk enterprises, hidden dangers as accident punishment, strict inspection of illegal construction, and restriction of assessment and evaluation of excellence.

         The meeting called for layer-by-layer compaction responsibility to provide a strong guarantee for further safe production. Pressing the main responsibility of compacting enterprises, integrating safe production into the whole process of production and operation management, the whole post, the whole link, the whole chain. We will conscientiously fulfill the supervision responsibilities of the department, strengthen grid supervision and "double random one disclosure" inspection, and vigorously promote third-party auxiliary inspection. We will effectively strengthen safety education and training, and do a solid job in pre-job training, pre-class education, and pre-work.