100 days! Shandong compression project approval time


        "Today is really a good day for our business, a one-time land transfer contract, land confirmation, real estate certificate, land planning permit, project planning permit, construction permit." Recently, Jinxiang County in Jining City, Shandong Province to develop real estate projects Jining City Water Yuntai Real Estate Co., Ltd. enjoyed the "land-to-issue certificate, land-taking is to start" approval services.

       This is a microcosm of Shandong Province's continuous promotion of the reform of the project approval system. According to the relevant person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department, before the start of the reform in 2018, the approval of construction projects involving 112 administrative power matters in 16 departments, the completion of the whole process of approval takes an average of more than 300 days. After continuous reform, the number of matters reduced to 73 items, integrated into four approval links, each link led by a department, that is, the construction unit only need to deal with 4 units, the whole process of approval time does not exceed 100 working days.

       Shandong Province has formulated three types of approval flowcharts for social investment industrial projects, social investment civil projects and government investment projects according to the classification of investment subject, project type and size, and each type of flowchart is reduced to no more than 45, 45 and 70 days respectively in accordance with the model of phased parallel approval. For simple low-risk projects with a construction area of not more than 3000 square meters, single function and simple technical requirements, Shandong Province's comprehensive pressure reduction link, time, materials and expenses, the whole process approval time is reduced to less than 20 working days.

       In view of the problem of many and complex declaration materials, Shandong Province with "a form" to integrate the declaration materials, where there is no legal basis for the material will be reduced, the repeated filling of the form elements will be merged, can be generated through the system or shared materials and elements are automatically obtained. After the reform, the construction project from the project to the completion of acceptance, the declaration materials from 381 pieces of secondary pressure reduced to 201 pieces, pressure reduction rate of nearly 50%, fill out the form elements pressure reduction of more than 80%.