Shandong: Any major hidden danger or safety accident will be punished


        Recently, with the consent of the Shandong provincial government, the provincial housing and urban and rural construction department and other 10 departments jointly issued "on the further strengthening of housing construction and municipal construction safety production work" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), the full implementation of the national and provincial three-year operation on safe production of the deployment requirements, resolutely prevent and contain all types of construction and production safety accidents.

       "Opinion" clearly put forward the construction unit construction safety primary responsibility, requires strict investigation and punishment of the construction unit safety responsibility is not implemented, site management is not in place, arbitrary pressure level price and other outstanding issues. The bidding documents of the construction unit and the construction general contract must agree on the safety accident prevention objectives, measures and liability for breach of contract, and guarantee reasonable cost, duration, major hidden dangers or cause safety accidents. Press the main responsibility of the industrial unit, clarify the requirements of the project leader of the construction general contracting unit and the control measures for the sub-contracting unit, and implement the enterprise headquarters assignment system for full-time security personnel of the project.

       The deployment of the Opinion focuses on strengthening the risk prevention and control of the construction market and construction site. Anyone who discovers that construction without obtaining a construction permit in accordance with the law shall be ordered to stop work immediately and inform the relevant units to stop supplying and supplying water and electricity. We will crack down on illegal acts such as dismemberment, subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, stringing of bids, and hanging on to lending qualifications, and identify and implement top-level penalties as soon as icing according to law, exposing a number of typical cases each year. Keep an eye on critical projects, focus on the key risks of cranes, high-support molds, scaffolding and deep-base pits prone to mass death and injury, classify and clarify the key risk prevention and control priorities, and strengthen the supervision of the whole process of all parties and the preservation of image data. Improve the mechanism of rectification, comprehensively implement the double prevention system of safety production risk hidden dangers, sort out and control the hidden dangers of risks in 4 levels, and crack down on behavior such as non-following rules and fraud.

       The Opinion calls for the full implementation of the "six all" strict control of heavy penalties, and effectively correct the construction safety serious violations of the law to deal with the punishment of "wide, soft, late" problem. In addition to dealing with the punishment according to the upper limit according to law, the accident shall clearly implement the restriction means of suspending the pre-sale or net signing for the record of real estate development units, deduct the performance appraisal score for the person in charge of state-owned enterprises, establish the warning publicity system of construction safety risk enterprises, and recommend that the government investment projects carefully entrust the construction task. Multi-channel integration of resources, provincial, municipal and county levels respectively to implement inspection, "double random, one open" and grid supervision responsibilities, clear supervision and inspection methods and frequency. We will vigorously develop the way the government buys services and entrust professional forces to undertake auxiliary inspection and sampling. Strengthen the construction safety supervision force, full-time construction safety supervision personnel per capita supervision area in principle not more than 600,000 square meters, the implementation of the supervision capacity of the regular assessment system.