The opening question of "Research on High Quality Development of Construction Industry in Shandong Province" will be held in Jinan


        On 28 May, the China Construction Industry Association assumed the "Research high Quality Development of High Development Of Shandong Enterprise" will bed in Jinan, a project procured by the Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Agency through competitive consultation. Liu Jinzhang, Vice President and Secretary General of the China Construction Industry Association, Zhao Feng, Deputy Secretary-General, Wang Zhiwu, Vice President of the Construction Industry High Quality Development Research Institute, Wang Runxiao, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department, Yin Tao, Second-level Inspector, Liu Yong, President of the Shandong Construction Industry Association, etc. attended the opening session.

       At the meeting, the task force reported on the research program, and clarified the purpose, content, method and technical route of the study. The participants exchanged in-depth views on the research focus of the project, such as digging deep into the "Qilu Construction" brand, clarifying the direction and working path of high-quality development of the construction industry in Shandong Province under the new development pattern, and proposing policies and measures to promote the construction industry in Shandong Province to become bigger and stronger.

       In his speech, Vice President Wang Runxiao pointed out that in order to carry out research on the subject under the requirements of the new situation, first, to earnestly implement the new development concept and accurately grasp the comparative advantages of the construction industry in Shandong Province in terms of service and integration into the new development pattern. Second, accurately grasp the overall situation, based on the "14th Five-Year Plan", planning the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Third, adhere to the concept of system, pay attention to the development of the entire industrial chain, new building industrialization, construction industry Internet, intelligent construction industry system and other cutting-edge issues.

       Liu Jinzhang Vice President and Secretary-General said in his speech that the task force will fully combine the theory with the actual situation in Shandong Province, through in-depth research, scientific analysis, and strive to form a practical, targeted, guiding research report for the high-quality development of the construction industry in Shandong Province to provide reference and reference.