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Quality Product is the character, quality is life. HUAHAI Group with firstclass quality etched history, the staff of HUAHAI Group with firstclass service gave back to society. The first-class products of HUAHAI Group are made by top-class employees. Products combined with personality of HUAHAI, products of HUAHAI Group is the concrete manifestation of character, dignity and honor, containing science and technology, the pursuit of perfection goal of HUAHAI Grpup. Quality is the foundation of the brand, responsibility is the guarantee of quality, every staff of HUAHAI Group crafted, excellence skills will jointly forge the hundred years quality of HUAHAI Group.

Innovation Innovation is the first power of leading development. China has already put “innovation” in the core position of the country to develop the overall situation. HUAHAI Group has the courage to innovate, in response to the national call, and keep up with the pace of the times. The various aspect of innovation is not insolated which need full participation and fully consider the development and construction of the whole enterprise with “innovation-driven model”. Regarding enhance the capability of independent innovation as the goal of our company, improving science and technology innovation system, increasing investment in innovation, optimizing the environment of innovation, fostering innovation team, taking efforts in the original innovation, integrated innovation, digested and absorbed innovation to achieve new breakthroughs, forming a group with the core technology and competitive products of independent intellectual property rights, enhanceing the ovrall quality and market competitiveness of corporations. The Group deeper explores potentials in the innovation of organization, technology, management, strategic and so on, coming out of a new road of innovation and development. Innovation is basic, HUAHAI Group will continue to gather consensus and strength to open a new chapter of theoretical innovation, institutional innovation, technological innovation and cultural innovation.

Efficiency High efficiency, high quality, safety and green is an efficient interpretation of HUAHAI Group. Time is money, let customers find benefits and put into production in the shortest time, using the high-quality products of HUAHAI Group is the highest efficient concrete embodiment. Social development changes with each passing day, the market competition is becoming increasing fierce, only keep up with the pace of the times to remain unbeaten in the competition. Efficienty is an important factor to measure the quality of employees and the success of enterprises. High-buildings are built because HUAHAI Group has a professional high-quality employees of the support and the scale, industializaition, mechanization of modern production workshop for the backing. HUAHAI Group has won the trust and support of customers relying on solid assets, high-quality professional and technological staffs and strong construction capacity, creating a speedy miracle one by one.

Wisdom HUAHAI Group keeps pace with the time and get into the tide of global economic integration. HUAHAI Group has built the online intelligent office system, internal processes, all examination and approval realize the paperless office relied on the advanced internet, big data and Acercloud. For remote monitoring and management of project using remote monitoring system, have got successed results. Advanced plant processing equipments, realized interconnectivity of design, CAD and processing. The products of communication and electric power facilities are making the wisdom and civilizations of hrenans spread every vornor in the world.